Still pregnant.

4 days past due. And I know the due date is a guess really, but I am ready to meet this baby already. I’ve been walking a lot. Today I baked labor cookies and ate 6 (don’t judge.). Saw the doctor today and NOTHING. Not dilated, not engaged, only a slight softening to the cervix. I’ve had a few random contractions this week but nothing that goes anywhere. I wouldn’t mind, but I’m on a time crunch here. Doctor won’t let me go much longer for a vbac with such a big baby. She’s giving me until next Monday and then it is caesarean number two, never mind the twelve weeks of Bradley classes we drove an hour each way to attend. In Wisconsin!
Anyway. Getting a little anxious to get the party started. And it is not helping that I am super big so everyone who sees me either looks startled and worried or intensely amused.
Hope all of you are well! Want to share any homeopathic remedies to get me going? (And don’t say sex. I honestly don’t think I could make that work with this giant belly in the way.). 😉

12 thoughts on “Still pregnant.

  1. LSM

    Use your loving mommy voice and invite him to come and join you…or,
    use your stern mommy voice and request that you would appreciate if he would arrive

  2. jesselyn6585

    Pineapple and prunes. Pineapple helps your cervix to soften and prunes make your delivery shorter. (Plus it’ll help to clean you out prior to labor.) Keeping my fingers crossed for you and a sucessful VBAC.

  3. redbluebird

    I’m right there with you. 40+4 today (was due on Friday) and I’m going crazy. I know being a little late is normal, but I also know my due date was very accurate, so I’m hoping I don’t have much longer to wait! I hope your little one decides to come soon & you can have the VBAC you’ve been planning.
    I plan to try the prunes (thanks, Jesse!) as I think I’ve tried everything else!
    Good luck!!!

  4. lispro18

    I’ve been thinking about you! Glad to hear your update, though I’m sorry you are overdue (no pun intended, miss librarian! haha!) and hope the next update comes very soon for you to tell us you had him! 🙂

  5. bustedoven

    Oh, girl, I feel for you! A girl in my birthing class went 2 weeks early, she credits eating a shit ton of pineapple. I’ve been seeing an acupuncturist, which is supposed to help the cervix soften and dilate. And my acupuncturist said smelling clary sage essential oil is supposed to encourage labor to start — I bought some yesterday and have been wearing it on my wrists hoping to get something started. Though I’m not due until next Thursday, so I’m not getting too impatient yet. 🙂 Hoping you get your vbac!!!

    1. bookwormmommy2013 Post author

      Thanks! I’ll look for the clary sage. We also had an early baby in my childbirth class! She came to the last one with her baby and much smaller belly and I was so jealous! I just are half a pineapple, too. 😉

  6. mother

    I know we just spoke of this but i’m going to ask anyway,have ya tried the castor oil. i was 2-3weeks late and my mother (your grandma) Dodie stood over my bed at 7am stirring the orange juice and the dreaded castor oil loudly with spoon. David was born the next day and i could not drink orange juice for years after that!!! Try it as a last resort if you can stand the taste sweetie!! I’m sitting on pins and needles by the phone!! good luck, WE’RE GONNA HAVE A BABY THIS WEEKEND, YAY!!!!


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