4 months! And who’s a terrible blogger?!


You guys! Listen! My baby sat up by himself today! Yes. What the hell? Is the proper response. He took forever to get here. He is my last baby. You would think he’d have the courtesy to stay in each stage just a wee but longer so I could savor them all.
But no. Not this guy. He is jumping and bouncing and raring to walk already! He’s babbling like crazy and grins like a fool whenever I, or Bear, or Bup make eye contact. Not for the camera though!
In other news, life is edging along. Bears cancer is still in remission and it looks like the bone marrow transplant is set for his next recurrence. We have a nice reprieve to enjoy this time, enjoy our family, and…dare I say? Consider a career move? This is of course reliant on having something marvelous come up in the area we’d like to live in, but recently there was a posting I can’t help but consider. It’s out of my league-probably three steps up instead of one, but it’s where we want to be and it sounds like a pretty cool opportunity. So…maybe I’ll apply just to have the experience.
But for now, anyway, we are happy enough here. The house projects are almost all done. Here is our porch-all updated and clean.

And Bup is starting at the (semi) regional Montessori that goes up to 6th grade this fall. He’s super excited about that. Bear has a local job opportunity too. Doesn’t pay very much, but it is convenient and will be no trouble. He also won’t feel tied to it.
So. That’s us in a nutshell. What’s up with you all? 😉



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