5 Months and…MOBILE.


6 thoughts on “5 Months and…MOBILE.

  1. randomsqueaks

    Wow! That looks easier than the way V is doing it. She’s on the active side already but she figured out that rocking on her hands and knees hard enough will propel her forward a step. Neither of my babies have used their legs to move forward that much, yet.

    1. bookwormmommy2013 Post author

      Yes-this was one of his first times doing it. Now he can scoot all around the house super quickly! But he isn’t up on his knees at all so his poor little chubby thighs get chafed. :). I really was not ready for this step yet. I think he will be keeping me busy!

  2. lispro18

    So sweet! I think we are both going to experience early crawlers…Cecilia started rocking back and forth already a week or so ago! I could hardly believe my eyes, that came so quickly! 😦 She’s also getting her TWO bottom teeth! It’s going by so fast…


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