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2 months!


Time is whipping past. I knew it would so I’m really trying to soak up this sweet cuddly time.
I am back at work part time for a few weeks before I’m at full time again. So far I’m managing to only work my 20 hours but I can tell my staff want to be able to get things back to normal. I, on the other hand, would love to only work part time from now on. Sadly, not possible, but I can dream.
Baby B is adorable and fat as butter. He is smiling a lot now-mostly at me and Bear but if one of the neighborhood kids pays enough attention to him, he will smile then too. We’ve been reading more and he loves Hooray for Fish for the bright colors and broad outlines. He’s much more interested in mobiles now but not so into toys yet.

I’m really loving that it is FINALLY warming up so we can get outside. I went for a walk/ run with my old running partner yesterday for the first time in almost a year. We walked 1.5 and ran a half mile and I felt like I would die! I guess my body needs some time to get back in the swing of things.
In other news Bup is growing like a weed and like me is ready for summer. Hope all if you are having a happy May so far! I know I don’t post as often but I am thinking about those of you heading into new treatments or finally expecting your own little ones.



A better day

Today was Z’s birthday.  She’s a five year old in Bup’s class.  He goes to a local Montessori program which is mixed age.  It’s a tiny class of 10, most of whom have been there from the age of 3 or 4 so they are all very close.  The party was in the theater in town (plays, not movies).  So the kids were able to run around like crazy while the adults watched and chatted.  

Two of Bup’s classmates have had baby sisters this year, so there was a lot of baby talk, baby passing, and baby holding.  I’ve mentioned before that I’m a bit of an oversharer, so when the question came up (twice) about when we were going to get to work on another, I answered honestly that we were trying and that we would be heading to Mexico for IVF.  One slightly uncomfortable pause, but good luck and “Good for you guys!” were the other responses. I’m still always a bit torn on whether to share, but really, it does no good to anyone else for me to keep secrets.  I know it would be easier on us if IVF doesn’t work due to have fewer people to tell, but I keep thinking that maybe someone else will want to know more.  Maybe they have a friend or relative struggling who would benefit from our experience.  Shameless truth telling as G at Momastery says.  Maybe my truth will help someone.  That might make all of this worth something eventually.    

Anyway, in addition to conversations about our INfertility, we chatted about their Uber-Fertility (the newest baby was an accident) and they were talking about how four “might not be terrible” which is just funny to me.  I was able to hold the 2 month old for around a half hour.  And, oh, that new baby weight.  I just love it.  Warmth and sweet baby smell and cooing.  

Another friend there has an 8 month old, so I got to hold her little hands as she danced, bounced, and “walked” around the party.  

It was a nice day.  Helped me to think positive thoughts about our future.  At next year’s parties, we’ll be the ones with a baby to pass and share.