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2 months!


Time is whipping past. I knew it would so I’m really trying to soak up this sweet cuddly time.
I am back at work part time for a few weeks before I’m at full time again. So far I’m managing to only work my 20 hours but I can tell my staff want to be able to get things back to normal. I, on the other hand, would love to only work part time from now on. Sadly, not possible, but I can dream.
Baby B is adorable and fat as butter. He is smiling a lot now-mostly at me and Bear but if one of the neighborhood kids pays enough attention to him, he will smile then too. We’ve been reading more and he loves Hooray for Fish for the bright colors and broad outlines. He’s much more interested in mobiles now but not so into toys yet.

I’m really loving that it is FINALLY warming up so we can get outside. I went for a walk/ run with my old running partner yesterday for the first time in almost a year. We walked 1.5 and ran a half mile and I felt like I would die! I guess my body needs some time to get back in the swing of things.
In other news Bup is growing like a weed and like me is ready for summer. Hope all if you are having a happy May so far! I know I don’t post as often but I am thinking about those of you heading into new treatments or finally expecting your own little ones.




Today is my 37th birthday. I’m normally pretty blasé about birthdays. I actually liked my 30s a lot (despite the anxiety that started to crop up-good times 3 am!) Mostly I liked what 30s brought. Done with school, decent work to do, my fantabulous boy child, and a kinder, more forgiving me. I for one find it harder to judge others the older I get-let’s call that wisdom and feel good about ourselves.
But 37 is different. It’s another one of those cut off ages for fertility. You know-before 35, you’re golden…35-36 ehhh.,.37-40, well your eggs are probably cracked. I know that it isn’t really a cliff our fertility jumps off of, that we’re all different and blah, blah, blah. But I can’t help feeling a little of that inherited anxiety cropping up when I think about 37. I promise to go back to positive thinking about that tomorrow.
In the meantime, I have to share how awesomely supportive my friends and family are. My friend Linda gave me the most thoughtful gift today- a fertility bracelet! Each stone has fertility significance and it has a little elephant charm (did you know elephants symbolize fertility? It’s the trunk!). Also, my sweet Bear is making my favorite spring rolls with Thai peanut dipping sauce for dinner. And Bup insisted we needed cake. So it really has been a great day. And, as my mother insists, we are a youthful family of women…if my eggs look as young as my skin I’ll be all set.