TTC Timeline

2004-5-Decide to have a baby (hahahahaha!)

January 2006-Meet with RE regarding 13 cycles=no baby

February 2006-BFP!  Oops!  Sorry RE, nevermind!

December 2008-Decide we should get started trying for number 2.  I am 32, almost 33 and number one took awhile.

2009-Various visits to OBGYN trying not to freak out about how long it is taking.

May 2010-BFP!

June 2010-DH has Cancer (CLL-stupid old man cancer)

June 2010-Miscarriage

June-Octoberish? 2010-DH Chemo

2011 2 IUI’s-No luck

2012 Hoping, wishing, praying for miracle baby.

April 2013-IVF 1 in Mexico at FCC

May 2013-BFN

May-June 2013  Drink.  A lot.  Decide will never happen, but start planning second trip to Mexico to try FET.

June 2013  Feel weird, take HPT.  Big Fat Positive.  WTF?


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