Embryo Development Timeline

Just wanted to share the awesomeness!

A Maternal State of Mind

I came across this on a couple of blogs and found it incredibly informative and useful so I thought I should share with all of you!

I did a 5-day transfer.  I am on 4DPT today. That means that, if my embryo has survived, it is in its second day of implantation. This chart also tells me that it is 6DPT when my body will begin releasing HCG, showing me that that is the earliest time that it makes sense to take a home pregnancy test (in the event that I can’t hold out until Beta test day on Friday!). 

5-Day Transfer

Days Past
Transfer (DPT)
Embryo Development
OneThe blastocyst begins to hatch out of its shell
TwoThe blastocyst continues to hatch out of its shell and begins to attach itself to the uterus
ThreeThe blastocyst attaches deeper into the uterine lining, beginning implantation
FourImplantation continues

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